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algarve's marine wildlife

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Dolphin Watching - Algarve's Marine Wildlife Tour


3/4 hour guided boat tour in search of marine wildlife in the Algarve.

Encounters with both Common and Bottlenose dolphins are frequent, this last one approaches the seashore very much.
Other cetaceans like the Rissos dolphin and the Striped dolphin also occur from time to time, as well as the Orca and the Minke whale.

On this boat tour we can also observe a variety of beautiful seabirds and sightings of the Hammer shark and Common turtle may follow.
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What is expected on this trip

Adventure and surprise on a boat tour with an individual atmosphere, where we are blown away with moments of unique beauty. The encounters with these animals in their natural environment is of great pleasure!

The boat tour surprises us with the observation of a variety of seabirds, dolphins and the opportunity to hear them in their secret conversations... 



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