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“Ria Formosa lagoon Barrier Islands”

Clean and Safe

The Ria Formosa Lagoon Barrier Islands

This boat tour in Ria Formosa leaves from Faro on a 3 hour boating experience along the sheltered waters of the Natural Park.

Different scenarios may be observed. From natural and wild paradise settings with "portuguese birds" to places where communities have established and live from this magnificent lagoon system resources.

Boat tour itinerary with passages along 
Deserta Island, Culatra and Armona. At Culatra island, you will find the picturesque villages of Farol, Hangares and Culatra, a traditional fisherman's village.

What is expected on this trip

The Ria Formosa Lagoon Barrier Islands in a individual environment into communion with nature and landscapes of unique beauty. The contact with nature surprises us with diversified birdlife, mores and stories of a region with ancient habits.

This natural park, also known as "The Algarvian Queen", has the most beautiful natural inlets and they very much give you the feeling of being in the Caribbean Sea.


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