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"The South's Big River"

Clean and Safe

Discover the Unexplored Algarve 

A 7 to 8 hour boat tour departing from Faro through the channels of the Ria Formosa Natural Park and exiting to navigate east along the Algarve's coastline and up the Guadiana River, the unexplored Algarve.

This adventure is one way and reaches the village of Alcoutim, where our courtesy minivan will be waiting to provide transportation back to your lodging location.

Other options:
- Flying back by helicopter (up to 4 persons).
- Overnight stay in Alcoutim and cruising back next morning.
- Sailing expedition with overnight on-board and sailing back next day.


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What is expected on this trip

An individual atmosphere into communion with nature, with landscapes of unique beauty. The contact with nature surprises us with a diversified birdlife, a journey revealing the secrets, mores and stories of a region with ancient habits. 


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